Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Link to my Smashwords Page

One of the things I have noticed about steampunks on the web is that many of them are writers of one sort or another.  I am no exception.  I absolutely love writing.  It's a near obsession with me; I have to write and it doesn't matter whether I ever publish or not.  Stories come into my head and then I put them on the page.  I've taken to putting the short stories I finish on Smashwords, which is a great resource for writers like me who just need to write.  So far I've only got two up there, one of them a gaslamp fantasy and the other a short historical fiction.  I will add more as I finish more, and I don't charge for the stories.  I just like to write, and I guess I wonder if people like to read what I've written.  So if you're interested, go on over to Smashwords and have a look.  While you're there do a quick search on the main page and you may find that quite a few people have put their work on display; some of it's free, some of it's not.  But in our constant search for works in this medium, another source is always welcome, and Smashwords has some good stuff. 

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